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販売業者 有限会社 森羅万象(しんらばんしょう)
運営統括責任者 代表取締役 乙黒 宏
運営管理者(HP製作者 清水潤一)
所在地または実店舗の所在地 〒165-0024 東京都中野区松ヶ丘2-5-16 村田ビル1F
TEL 03-5318-3923
FAX 03-3389-9177
商品代金以外に必要な料金 送料、振込手数料(銀行・郵便)代引き手数料、消費税
申込の有効期限 ご注文から7日間有効
不良品 発送後7日以内にご返品後、良品と交換又は代金返還
お届け時期 在庫のあるものは入金次第発送予約、ご注文頂いてから通常3〜 4日で商品が到着
お支払方法 銀行振込による前払い、郵便振込による前払い、代引き
返品期限 商品到着後8日以内受け付けております。商品を返送される前に必ずEメールまたはお電話にてご連絡ください。また、返品の取り扱いにつきましては、 次の点にご留意ください。
返金について 不良品(破損・欠損等)は当方負担。お客様のご都合で返品なさる場合の送料は、お客様負担とさせていただきます。
延滞時の請求金額 何の連絡もなく延滞された場合、納品時の送料を加算した金額を請求させていただきます。
その他 電子メールに記入頂いたことによって当社が知り得るお客様の大切な個人情報(お名前・ご住所・お電話番号・電子メールアドレス・ご注文内容等)を商品の発送以外の目的に使用することは決していたしません。



Dealer shinrabansho Co., Ltd.
Managing director hiroshi otoguro
Administrator/HP producers junichi shimizu
Actual location or the location of stores Zip code : 165 . 0024
Adress : 2 . 5 . 16 Matugaoka Nakano . ku Tokyo Japan
TEL 03-5318-3923
FAX 03-3389-9177
Necessary for non-payment rate products Shipping, the transfer fee (post) their discount fees, sales tax
Application of the expiration date Valid order from a seven-day
Defective Shipping your return within 7 days after the payment or exchange for the return of defective goods
Delivery date Proceeds of the stock as soon as ships are booking orders received from the goods in 3-4 days usually arrive.
Payment Methods Prepay by bank transfer, postal transfer prepay, their arguments
Return policy until/td> Within 8 days after delivery available. Products will be returned before E-mail or by phone, please contact us. Also, regarding the handling of the return, please note the following points.
Your responsibility for the pollution damage if it occurs, do not accept returns.
For a refund Defective product( absence of corruption) is our burden. Return your order at your convenience, will becharged on delivery fee.
When the products is returned without any contacts, we will charge you a delivery fee.
When the amount of arrears What if the contact is not in arrears, at the time of delivery, plus shipping costs will be charged a bon appetit.
Other Capped by filling in an e-mail we get to know the importance of your personal information (your name, address e-mail your order, phone number, etc.)
ships products to be used for purposes other than the Never.
Even in the past we shopping at those who say that we, your e-mail sent without permission or direct mail, telephone or by mail to guide you nuisances such as non-consensual never Does not.
Important personal information to third parties but will not be diverted. In addition, the company's fault that your personal information to third parties is viewed or leaked to a third party that the former does not seem depth information management.

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